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Pinsa comes from the Latin word “Pinsere” which in Italian language means to stretch, to spread.


What we can properly call “Modern Roman Pinsa” is a reinterpretation of an ancient Roman recipe invented during the Ancient Roman Empire, reworked with new ingredients and modern techniques.

The original recipe comes from an ancient product made among the rural populations living just outside the walls of Rome, who used to cook a kind of “focacce” or “schiacciatine”, grinding cereals (millet, barley and spelt) and adding salt and herbs.

The traditional recipe has been revisited several times over the centuries, until nowadays.
The main Pinsa Romana’s features are:

  • The OvalShapee
  • The Friability (Crunchy outside and soft inside)
  • The Digestibility (get by several leavening-maturation techniques)
  • The one and only original blend of flour: wheat flour, rice flour, soy flour and dried mother yeast
  • The Fragrance (due to maturation process and mother yeast usage)

The intuition and invention of Pinsa comes from the experience and the great passion for
bread-making processes of the specialized pizza chef Corrado Di Marco (founder of the homonymous company), who created a new and innovative product that brought a revolution inside the world of Pizza.

Mr. Di Marco thanks to his maternal grandfather teachings on the ancient bread-making techniques and scientific research understood and improved dietetic factors and realized an exclusive and inimitable product.

All the stages in the making of Pinsa Romana must be strictly followed demonstrating that producing Pinsa is a real science. The exponential increase on consuming Pinsa started just over 10 years ago (2017), nowadays there are more than 5000 Pinserie all over the world and thousands of customers aware of the features and peculiarities this product has.

Sprizzami is proudly Official Partner of Di Marco




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